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A True “Boots on the Ground” Construction Company: Lobar Associates has one of the most well trained, certified and licensed workforces in Central Pennsylvania

“What makes Lobar Associates different is that they are a self-performing contractor of size. This provides extra value versus just being a broker like many construction companies. They set the tone and set the pace for the project. They affect it in a substantial way and don’t have to rely on others.”


We Respect* Your Profession
*respect vt (1560) 1 a: to consider worthy of high regard b: to refrain from interfering with

Lobar Associates understands you have your business to run. So no matter if we are constructing a new facility or working in your existing space, our Project Managers, Superintendents, Engineers and on-site Crews are professional and safe. Low Interference. High Quality. In other words…RESPECT

Make It Happen. No Excuses.


We’ve used these taglines over the decades to illustrate the same point: Lobar Associates is ultimately about providing you, the client, a successful project. We work towards positive solutions for challenges, and not playing the blame game.

Our field crews hustle. The office staff organize and communicate. And our Project Managers and Superintendents always keep the project moving forward.