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Rapid Response

When you need it done right now.

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About This Service

Lobar’s Rapid Response Construction Services (RRCS) Department is a huge hit with clients looking for quick-start construction under $500,000. This is a win-win situation for the client by having the protection and professionalism of a large construction firm with the accessible customer service of a smaller shop.We have a dedicated team of experienced estimators, project managers and superintendents focused on these quick-hit projects, with access to Associates’ 100+ trained and certified field tradesmen.

Renovations & Additions

When it’s time to update or expand, you probably need it done immediately. From smaller interior renovations to full-blown additions, Lobar’s Rapid Response Construction Services team can provide a turn-key solution to all your construction needs.

Design & Analysis

From Code Compliance to Quality Control inspections, our highly skilled personnel and subcontractors can provide your company with the best design and analysis solutions available in the market today. We’ll help you save money or allocate your budget more efficiently based on our facilities and construction knowledge.

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