SYNERGY: /noun/ 1.the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.Learn More +

Agency Construction Management+

CM Services - Tailored to your needsLearn More +

Site Work+

Playing in the DirtLearn More +

Site Location & Cost Analysis+

We help our clients select the best land that allows you to pursue your identified market opportunities.Learn More +

Rapid Response+

When you need it done right now.Learn More +

Peer Review+

Our technical peer reviews are a well defined review process for finding and fixing potential defects in civil and structural plans, conducted by in-house certified engineers.Learn More +

Structural Engineering+

Our in-house engineers provide quick, accurate and cost effective solutions.Learn More +

General Contracting+

Doing what we do best - Lobar as a self-performing contractorLearn More +


24/7/365 AvailabilityLearn More +

Property Maintenance+

You focus on your clients. We focus on the building.Learn More +

Design, Permitting & Construction+

Lobar Properties, as an affiliate of Lobar Associates, offers full in-house engineering, design and construction servicesLearn More +

Civil/Site Engineering+

Our in-house engineers provide quick, accurate and cost effective solutions.Learn More +

Bridge Construction+

New Construction or Restoration. State or Local. Large or Small. Lobar Site gets the job done right. Plus, Our ACI and PennDOT certified technicians average over 25 years of bridge and heavy concrete experience.Learn More +

Financing & Acquisition+

Lobar Properties has close ties with several local financial institutions to assist client obtain the best financing solution available.Learn More +

At-Risk Construction management+

We handle it all for you.Learn More +

Design Services+

Our philosophy is to think ahead to the construction phase of a project to ensure that our design is cost and time efficient during construction.Learn More +


Make smart choices with our preconstruction and planning services.Learn More +

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