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Lobar Associates started in 1986 as a family-owned General Construction company located in Dillsburg, PA

Now with over 190 employees and an extensive equipment inventory, we are proud of the diversity of talent and services we offer all our clients

Lobar Associates

Lobar Associates+

To deliver accurate, predictable and excellent results throughout all phases of preconstruction and construction to create certain success for our clients.Learn More +

Lobar Design & Engineering

Lobar Design & Engineering+

To bring design, engineering and construction together FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE as the ultimate solution for our clients.Learn More +

Lobar Construction Management

Lobar Construction Management+

To be a trusted partner with our clients by providing superior construction management services - assuring the delivery of the most timely and cost effective project possible.Learn More +

Lobar Site Development

Lobar Site Development+

To be a dynamic team, providing the highest quality and safest bridge construction services to our government and its citizens.Learn More +

Lobar Properties

Lobar Properties+

To focus on responsibly developing very specific projects relevant to our clients and community.Learn More +

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